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What up friends.


Thanks for hangin around through the radio silence the past month, A string of near fatal midterms and lab reports forced the WYC social media to the back-burner for a bit there. Uni amiright?

To start this ramble off right I’d like to say cheers to everyone for all the support, it’s crazy appreciated and you're in for some treats.


There are some new and excitin things a brewin at the WYC headquarters (aka the house I share with five other students), so here’s what you need to know…


Numero Uno: We upgraded the shipping on the Sticky Note collection.

This isn’t going to change the flat rate for shipping so no sweat! It just means things will get sped up a bit! As of now the collection is still going to be printed on demand and shipped out of California. Fulfillment still takes 3-7 days but from there, boom you’ll get your shit within 4-8 days once it’s fulfilled.


Numero dos: Winter is Coming

We’re trying out something new on all fronts. A full stock of winter hoodies, T-shirts, hats and toques will be hittin the WYC headquarters in Victoria later this month. These items will be shipped with love by yours truly. This means if you’re a super impatient cat like myself, you’ll be a fan. There will be no waits for production, just shipping. The winter line will also include the resurrection of our OG stickers. HOORAY.

*Side note, the sticky note collection will still only be available online and printed on demand then shipped out of California. We’re still testing the waters, so the shake-up with the winter line is for us to sort out which works best. Sit tight.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST keep an eye on our social media for deals and even some freebies hittin ya real soon.


Thanks again for sticking around.

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