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New Stuff & Stuff to Come.

What’s up Friends!

Glad you found your way to WYC’s brand new site!

First off, cheers for checkin us out. WYC has been in the works for almost four months now and we’re finally getting somewhere. Started out with some stickers and we’ve graduated on to a full blown online shop equipped with apparel. I keep saying we because it sounds a bit less sad than pointing out that WYC is a one man band, or one lady band I guess. I’m Sylvie and I run things around here. If you want to hear a little more about me, there’ll be a little something in the blog comin up sooooon.

So far there are seven designs up for grabs as far as apparel goes but hoo boy have I got some saved for later. The hardest part about this business is choosing what designs stay, go and what mellows out for the future. I know patience is a virtue and all but that’s one virtue I’ll never have.

In other news, WYC will be jettin off to the land of Oz come August 21st but have no fear, we might be behind a day or so but orders can and will still be placed!


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