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About us

While You Can is an independent, Canadian, unisex clothing company run by some girl who has too many hobbies.

 Born in the midst of a summer job in 2016 in a cubicle with tiny windows, WYC owes its life to coffee breaks, sticky notes and rad people doing rad things. All designs were dreamt up in ballpoint pen on stacks of multi-colored sticky-notes.

 We’ve got a pretty obvious and maybe a bit cliché message going on but just let me clarify; We’re all going to die sometime so if you want something to happen in your life just make it happen and enjoy yourself. That’s the way an awesome man named Harvie lived and he was laughing and cutting a rug up until he left us. Be like Harvie.

WYC is most definitely a work in progress, so things might change up a tad. What won't change is that we will do our best to get you some sweet, hand designed threads for a reasonable price as hassle free as possible. But good things come at a bit of a hassle sometimes amiright?

Lastly, three cheers for Mia Ohki Illustrations, my awesome friends and the Hawkes fam for helping me get started, inspiring the shit out of me, & giving me feedback and support. This wouldn't have started if it weren't for these folks.

I’m Sylvie and that almost spun out of control into a biography. I hope you like the hoodies.

The End.

 P.S. Take a gander at our social media for more neat stuff.

Instaham; @whileyacan

Book of Faces: While You Can

& if you're looking for more info or just want to chat, email us at