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    1. Is while you can an American or Canadian Company?

      All the Magic happens in North America from the ground up. WYC is owned and operated in Canada, though we work through services tha result in our clothing being produced and shipped out of California.

      As for the winter collection, (available Late November 2016) items will be printed and processed between Vancouver and Victoria, BC.


      2. Is there a storefront or are there retailers that provide While You Can Clothing?

        WYC mainly operates online but with the Winter collection coming in this November, select items will be on hand and available in Victoria, BC. If you're in the area, give us a shout and we can chat about skipping the shipping. 


        3. How long does standard shipping usually take?

        Currently, all clothing is printed on demand in California. This means that once you place your order, it needs to be printed or fulfilled before it can be shipped out. This can take 2-7 days though the norm is around three days. Once your order is fulfilled we’ll shoot you an email saying it’s on its way. Our standard shipping takes 4-8 days. Do not be alarmed if your order has not shown up after two weeks and please wait at least three before contacting us with any concerns of lost orders.  If 3 weeks have passed and your order has not been delivered then email and we will gladly help sort you out. 


          4. Do you take custom orders for either clothing or stickers?

            If you're interested in custom designs there's a possibility we can sort you out, though no promises. Shoot an email and we'll see what we can do. 


              5. Are there more designs available or will there be?

              You friggen bet. Stay Tuned.